Managing mobility around the worksite

All necessary measures are being taken, in conjunction with the Brussels City authorities, the Police, the public transport providers and the neighbouring community, to limit the impact of the worksite activities on public mobility and ensure the safety of persons in the vicinity.

Measuring the vibrations caused by the work

The vibrations produced by the works are measured on a continuous basis. The upper limit for vibrations is laid down in the DIN4150-2 standard and the DIN4150-3 standard which represents the comfort and stability requirement for vibrations. The official limits on vibrations around the worksite allow higher peak levels, provided that these are not excessive. Vibrations persisting over a longer period are subject to stricter requirements.

Measuring the dust caused by the work

By intensively spraying the demolition waste and regularly clearing away the waste materials, in addition to the existence of the surrounding fence, the workforce is able to limit the spread of dust from the building site.

Measuring the noise caused by the work

The noise caused by the work is measured on a continuous basis by five noise meters installed at Bozar, in the Generali building and in the Chancellerie building at rue Royale 20 and 30. The noise limit for a building site has been set at 75 decibels A (75 dBA) and at 70 dBA at Bozar. Measured over a period of two hours, the noise produced by the site must not exceed the 75dBA level (70 dBA for Bozar).