The Montagne du Parc/Warandeberg building links the upper and lower parts of the city

    There will no longer be a car park entrance on rue Baron Horta, the intention being to create a walkway between the central station and rue de Belliard. Rue Baron Horta will therefore become an entirely pedestrian zone. This connection will be further enhanced through the incorporation of a public elevator into the building linking rue Baron Horta with rue Royale and bridging the significant difference in level between the two streets.

    Gallery Gallery

    Connecting with the city and the pedestrians

    The various entrances along rue Ravenstein lead to green courtyards, open to the public during working hours. In these courtyards, which form a link between the Bank’s private areas and the public space, you might cross colleagues, visitors or passers-by. They are designed to serve as informal meeting-places.

    Several commercial units are foreseen in a covered gallery, behind the columns. Their facades will invite the passers-by and make a connection with the surroundings shops.

    Consequently, the key components of this project, from a socio-economic point of view, are the integration of retail spaces, the human and spatial links created with the neighbourhood, improvements to pedestrian walkways and the creation of spaces open to the public.