Entrance in the back of Rue Royale Building



    The building is situated in the heart of Brussels, close to the Central Station and with excellent access to trams, metro lines and bus services.

    Accessibility for pedestrians

    The new building will be accessible from a number of main pedestrian arteries:

    • The corner Rue Montagne du Parc – Rue des 12 Apôtres
    • Rue des 12 Apôtres
    • Rue Baron Horta (level ground floor, level +1 and +3)
    • Rue Royale (side Rue Montagne du Parc and Rue Baron Horta)
    View from Marché au Bois – Rue Montagne du Parc View from Marché au Bois – Rue Montagne du Parc

    Accessibility for bicycles

    A large bicycle parking area with 330 slots, located on the first basement level, will be accessible via a ramp running from the lowest point on Rue des 12 Apôtres. There will also be a number of above-ground bicycle emplacements available for the visitors and for the retail units.

    Accessibility for cars, motorbikes and logistics

    Motorised access to the building will be on a private basis, centralised on rue Montagne du Parc.